Ridgeview Day School

Parent Handbook

School Director: Lola Bush

Church Office 540-334-5154

School Office 540-334-1127

 Director Cell 540-353-0330



Ridgeview Day School
10 Whispering Creek Rd.

Boones Mill, VA 24065




Ridgeview Day School is a ministry of Ridgeview Church in Boones Mill, VA. As a community outreach program, our mission is to provide a safe, creative learning environment for the children while they acquire Christian values, social skills, and prepare for academic success. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the boys and girls on individual levels in a loving and nurturing atmosphere. The children will learn through play in our learning centers, practice fine motor skills through a variety of activities and become literacy ready along the way. The children will also enhance their gross motor skills when playing in our gym. Our curriculum will include Bible lessons, devotions and prayer, along with academic studies which will be directed by each individual student’s needs. Boones Mill Baptist Day School also offers encouragement and prayer support for the parents and families of our students. It is our vision to work together with the families to form a solid Christian foundation for life and to prepare the children for academic success.

Jesus Said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


The following items are needed prior to the first day of school:

                                 ___Registration form - completed

                                 ___Registration Fee - one-time yearly fee

                                 ___Copy of Immunization record (shot record)

                                 ___Birth Certificate or Birth Record (copy)

                                 ___Disclosure Statements – signed

                                 ___Photo Consent Form – signed

                                 ___Medication Administration Form – signed

                                 ___Tuition for first month


These are school wide needs- donations of these items are appreciated.

                                              - Tissues                                       - Cardstock (all colors)                        -Painters tape                             

                                              - Rolls of paper towels                  - Dry Erase Markers                            -Construction Paper

                                              - Baby wipes                                - Copy Paper (white, light colors)         

                                              - Disinfecting Spray                      - Writing Tablets (Dollar Tree brand is good)

** See YOUR child’s teacher for their individualized supply list for the year! **


Complete change of clothes in zip lock bag, to be kept at school. This bag will need to be updated as the seasons change.


Yearly Schedule: Our school year will be the same as Franklin County Schools.
** Due to Covid-19, the school schedule may vary from FCPS **
School Hours:  9am - 1pm 

                                                                                              Preschool/ PreK Class Options:                 

                                                                                                       3 day – Mon, Wed, Fri 

                                                                                                       5 day – Mon – Fri 


                                                                                                            5 day – Mon-Fri



Doors will be unlocked at 8:45 a.m. to receive students. Parents/guardians will sign their child in each day leaving any instructions if someone else is to be picking them up. The doors are to be locked at 9:05 a.m. or earlier if all children have arrived. Late arrivals please contact director 540-353-0330.


The students will be brought back upstairs at 12:30pm for praise and worship in the chapel. The doors will be unlocked at 12:45. Each parent/guardian will then sign before the child can be released into their care. If someone other than parent/guardian is there to pick-up the student and are not listed as approved alternate, a phone call to the parent/guardian will be necessary in order to release the student into that adult’s care.


Ridgeview Day School will follow the Franklin County School’s inclement weather closings and delays. If Franklin Co. schools are closed, then Ridgeview Day School will be closed. If county schools operate on a 1-2-hour delay, then Ridgeview Day School will open at 10 am.

***If Franklin County schools close early due to bad weather, then we encourage parents to make arrangements for their child to be picked-up as soon as possible. We want to be sure that all the children, families and staff make it home safely. In case of an emergency and we must close the school early, teachers will notify parents by phone.


We love having your child with us! Children thrive in life when they have routine and consistency, so attendance is important for a successful school year. If your child is sick or for some other reason will be absent, please call or text the Director (540-353-0330) before 8:30 a.m. We care and will be concerned when your child is absent. If a child is absent with no phone call or text, you will receive a call/text questioning their absence.


In keeping in compliance with the Code of Virginia for Child Day Centers, we cannot allow a child to attend school if they present any of the following symptoms:

          -vomiting two or more times within the last 24 hours

          -diarrhea within the last 24 hours

          -severe, persistent abdominal pains (lasting more than 2 hours)

          -fever of more than 100 within the last 24 hours

          -uncontrolled coughing or sneezing

          -yellow/green discharge from nose with fever

          -mouth sores with drooling


          -Strep Throat

          -Conjunctivitis (pink eye: white or yellow pus coming from eye)

          -rash with fever and/or behavior change

The teachers are trained to perform a simple and quick daily health screening and reserve the right to question the health of a child and refuse admittance on any particular day. We ask that you cooperate in keeping your child home if they are sick.

**In accordance to the VDH for Covid-19:

If you or your child  have  Covid-19 symptoms you are directed to isolate for at least 10 days from the time symptoms first appeared and 24 hours with no fever, without fever-reducing medications.

If you or your child is exposed to anyone with Covid; self-quarantine and monitor for symptoms for 14 days after the date of last contact with infected person.

Please notify the director as soon as possible if your child displays Covid 19 symptoms or contracts a contagious disease such as chicken pox or lice so we may notify other parents. The child’s name will never be given out in such an instance.


The staff at Ridgeview Day School is required by law to report any signs of neglect or abuse to the VA Dept. of Social Services Child Protective Services.


Children should wear play clothes and shoes to school each day. Tennis shoes are recommended as boots and dress shoes have little traction on the gym floor. NO FLIP-FLOPS will be allowed for your child’s safety. Flip-flops can cause your child to trip and fall and hinder them as they ride the tricycles and scooters.

Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes at school due to any accidents. This should include: shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. Place them in a zip lock bag. If your child requires a change of clothes, the teacher will put the soiled clothes in a plastic grocery bag to return home. Please check backpacks every day.


All children must be potty trained to attend class at Ridgeview Day School to be in compliance with the Health Department regulations. We realize accidents do happen and the teachers will assist the child if this occurs. We suggest that you send your child in underwear, not pull-ups as this may delay potty training. Encourage your child to tell the teacher if he/she needs to use the bathroom. Children are always allowed to use the bathroom as needed.


Every teacher, assistant and volunteer has met the training requirements according to the Code of Virginia for Religiously Exempt Child Day Centers. Our teachers may or may not be licensed; however, each one has on the job training and is required to continue their training in Early Childhood Education through classes and seminars approved by VDSS or Smart Beginnings. All staff and volunteers will maintain a positive attitude and gentleness while working with the children. Criminal background checks are completed on each staff and volunteer member. For security and safety measures two or more adults will be present in the church at all times. Child-teacher ratio: Preschool/Prek - 1 teacher to 10 children; K to 8 yrs - 1 teacher to 18 children.


From time to time throughout the school year your child’s class may have an activity or party that needs an extra set of hands. Your child’s teacher will send home a letter asking for volunteers at that time.


Parents are asked to send healthy lunches with their child each day. Teachers will alert parents of food allergies/sensitivities within the class.


Our Day School is a place for learning social skills, which include self-control, manners and respect. We encourage good behavior through making good choices and reminding them of God’s teaching. The teachers are here to help the students learn and practice these skills.


 Most often all that is needed is re-direction; however, if re-direction does not work, the teacher will give the child a warning of a time-out. If the child continues with the behavior then the teacher will administer a time-out, 1 minute per child’s age. Time-outs may also be given when a child causes harm to another child.

You will be notified if your child’s behavior is causing a disruption in class and he/she is not responding to our discipline actions at school. Parents and teachers can provide the best environment for the child by working together and keeping consistency at school and home with rules and responsibilities.

Biting, hitting or kicking are not acceptable behaviors. A child will be dismissed from Ridgeview Day School after the third incident. Parents of all children involved will be notified and an incident report will be completed and kept on file.


We will work with Integrity Portraits each Fall and Spring for individual and group pictures. You are under no obligation to purchase pictures. More information will be sent home near the scheduled date(s).


Ridgeview Day School is a non-profit organization, therefore it may be necessary to have fundraisers during the year to help cover the cost of supplies and possibly reduce the cost of tuition for families. We encourage everyone to participate, but there is no obligation. If you have any ideas for fundraisers or would like to help organize one, please talk with the director.


If for any reason, you find it necessary to withdraw your child from Ridgeview Day School, please notify the director in writing. Paid tuition and registration fees are non-refundable.


Ridgeview Day School is a non-profit organization and operates on paid tuition, registration fees and donations (monthly fees are rated according to school year not according to days each month). Tuition and registration fees pay the staff salaries, insurance, buy art supplies, and purchase educational supplies. It is imperative that you pay the tuition each month.


Registration - $75

5-day Enrollment - $200 per month

3-day Enrollment - $150 per month


Registration – $100

Tuition - $225 per month

Tuition is paid in advance and due the first of each month. A $20 late fee will be added to tuition that is paid 5 days after the due date. There will also be a $50 fee for any returned checks, plus you will be responsible for charges at your own bank.

If tuition is more than 5 days late, your child will not be permitted to attend class until all tuition is paid up to date. Failure to pay tuition within 2 weeks will result in dropping your child from the school, unless other arrangements have been made with the director.

PAYMENT METHODS: Our school is not equipped to take payment by debit or credit cards. All tuition should be paid by check, cash or money order made out to Boones Mill Baptist Day School. Payments will be turned in to the church office each day. No money is kept at the school. You will be given a receipt at the time of your payment.


Because we are a non-profit organization, donations may be made to the school by individuals or companies and can be claimed on their taxes as a deduction. A letter of receipt will be given to each donor for their tax purposes. If you know of a business or company that give grants or donations, please ask them to consider Ridgeview Day School. The director will provide them with more information if necessary.